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Google Presenter

Presenter: Margie Brown

Samples of student use of Google Presenter.

Although the examples were collaborate type stories, in the interest of time we will create a collection.

Follow these steps:

1. Group up in groups of 4 or 5 people sitting close by.

2. As a group, decide on a topic for your collection (ex. vacation spots; favorite apps; ideas for using Google Docs in the classroom; best Bar-b-Que, TCEA sessions you liked and what you learned; exciting and useful Web 2.0 tools, etc.)

3. Choose One person to be the doc creator.

The Doc Creator:

1. Logs into to Google Docs with personal gmail account or district account


                                  password: blackmamba22

2. Opens Google Docs

3. Creates a presentation

4. Gives it a working title (that relates to the topic of your collection)

5. Shares it with others in group:
    A. Click share in top right
    B. In the Who Has Access Box, on the first lined chick change
    C. Click the second choice:  Anyone with the Link (no sign in required)
    D. Scroll Down, under  Edit Access, check the box that says "Allow Anyone to edit".
    E. Click Save
    F. Enter the email address of each person in your group, and mine, please:
    G. Be sure the box on the right says can edit (not: can view)
    H. Click Notify by email
    I. Click share and save
    J. Click DONE


Each person in the group:

1. Checks  your email email and clicks the link to the Google Presenter.

2. Adds a slide by going to Slide> Insert on the menu.

                Notice that when slides are being edited, the editor’s name appears in a colored box on the slide,                     but your name doesn’t show as you edit.
                 You can't edit a slide that someone else is working on, if you try you will get a message.

3. Creates your slide for this presentation: use interesting fonts, bring in photos from the internet, get creative!

4. When your group is finished you can preview your presentation by clicking the start presentation button on top right

We'll share our presentations at the end of this Presenter Session.